Biological pipe cleaning: The application method

One set of Lipolyt ® 2000 consists of 1000 ml of component 1 and 1000 g 
of component 2.

Component 1 is to be mixed with 12l of warm water and distributed to all drains 
or inspection openings so that a maximum of 25 m of pipeline are wetted. After 
that flush with 2.5 l of warm water. In case of pipelines over 25 m length, the first 
set is applied to the lowest drain or inspection opening in flow direction. 



Afterwards, component 2 is to be stirred into 12l of warm water. After one hour of 
soaking, the mixture is distributed into the same drains or inspection openings as 
component 1 beforehand. Afterwards flush with 3 l of warm water. 


In case of down pipes the upper storeys ought to be treated on or two days later. 



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