Biological pipe cleaning: The way it works

Lipolyt ® 2000 for biological pipe cleaning consists of two components, which are
introduced into the pipe system one after the other.

Component 1 of this biological pipe cleaning medium is a mixture of fatty acid esters,
sebacic salts and free fatty acids. With its oily, viscous consistence, this component
moistens the complete inside of the pipe and works itself into existing incrustations.
There it serves as an adhesion base and a nutritive source for the second  component.

Component 2 consists of micro organisms and enzymes, the active part of the
biological pipe cleaning. The enzymes decompose fats, carbohydrates and proteins
of organic materials into small fragments, which serve as an energy source for the
micro organisms. The decomposition is aerobe, the by-products are nothing but
carbon dioxide and water. The micro organisms reproduce very fast and displace
other already existing, in part even detrimental organisms.




– Partial translation –

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